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Dutch Revolt


Documents relating to the early years of the Revolt of the Netherlands 

cited by Pieter Bor 1549-1576

Alistair Duke


Pieter Bor​, Oorsprongk, begin en vervolgh der Nederlandsche oorlogen (4 vols, Amsterdam, 1679-84), [Part 1, Books 1-9], covering period 1549-1576. 



1549-1566       Extracts concerning Privileges cited by Horn in his defence, Bor, I, Byvoegsel, 107-119[1]


26 October      King's Oath confirming Oath sworn by Count of Arenberg, Bor, I, Byvoegsel, 3

8 November   Summary of Instructions for the Inquisitors, Bor, I, 15


26 August       King's Proposals to States General meeting at Ghent, Bor, I, 19-21

Extracts from letters of Horn to King, Bor I, Byvoegsel, 81-83


Extracts from letters of Horn to King, Bor I, Byvoegsel, 81-83​

Extracts from letters between Horn and sundry persons, including King, Regent, Montigny, Assonleville, Nobles and Magistrates of Tournai concerning his conduct at Tournai, Bor, I, Byvoegsel, 83-107


11 March- 29 July Extracts from letters of Orange to King, Bor, I, Byvoegsel, 79-80

23 July            Court of Friesland's objections to introduction of bishop to Leeuwarden, Bor I, 261

22 September  Further objections of Court of Friesland to introduction of bishop to Leeuwarden, Bor, I, 261


10-12 August  Objections from States of Friesland and magistrates of Leeuwarden to introduction of bishop to Leeuwarden, Bor, I, 262-63

October?         Objections of States of Flanders to Inquisition, Bor, I, 40​

20 October      The Regent's response to objections of States of Flanders to Inquisition, Bor I, 40


Mid-October   Philip II ordered the Regent to enforce anti-heresy edicts, Bor,I, 32

Nov/Dec          Text of the Compromise of the Nobles, Bor,1, 53-54

18 December   Regent's letter to provincial courts requiring strict enforcement of edicts, Bor, I, 32-33.

22-23 December Summaries of posters denouncing King's religious policy appeared in Antwerp, Bor, I, 34-35

29 December[2] Posters in Brussels against inquisition, Bor, I, 35


22 January       Petition from chief towns of Brabant to Council of Brabant, Bor, I, 36-39 

24 January       William of Orange's response[3] to King's instructions re heresy, Bor, 1, 32-34

24 March         Council of Brabant's reply to Petition of 22 January, Bor, I, 39

24 March         Regent to King on learning about Compromise, Bor, I, 56; Byvoegsel 83-84

26 March         Regent's warning to towns about Compromise, Bor I, 56

 1 April            Supplication from Compromise presented to Maximilian II at Augsburg[4], Bor I, 55

5 April             Brederode's Address to Regent, Bor, I, 58-59

6 April             Reply of Regent to Compromise, Byvoegsel, 16-17

6 -9 April         Exchanges between Regent and Nobles of Compromise, Bor, I, 59-61; Byvoegsel, 16-17

10 April:          Regent's reply to Second Request from States of Flanders, Bor, I, 41

19 April           Third Request from States of Flanders, Bor, I, 41

c. May             Abridged edition of Gilles Le Clercq's polemic against inquisition, Bor, I, 102-03

30 May             Regent's Address to States of Brabant with text of 'Moderation', Bor,I, 64-66  

July 1566-April 1567[Adriaen Pauw] Account of events in Amsterdam, Bor IV,appendix after p. 691, pp. 1-16. [5]  

3 July              Text of first Reformed request to Antwerp magistrates, Bor, I, 71

3 July              Text of edict forbidding field services, Bor, I, 72-73

c. 17 July         Text of second Reformed request to Antwerp magistrates, Bor, I, 75

21 July             Regent orders towns and provinces to take measures against field services, Bor, I, 79-80. 

30 July             Petition from the Reformed in Amsterdam to the local magistrates, Bor, I, 77-78

1 August          King to Orange, confirms his confidence in him,[6] Bor, I, Byvoegsel, 17

18 & 29 August Letters from Spanish envoy in France warning the Regent about the Netherlands nobles, Bor, I, 109-111

Autumn 1566 till March 1567 Documents relating to prosecutions of Horn, Egmont and Hoogstraten, especially on situation in Tournai and the privileges, Bor, I, Byvoegsel,  82-119

c. 18 August    Remonstrance from Nobles at Duffel to Regent, Bor, I, 92-95

25-27 August   Negotiations between Regent and Nobles of  the Compromise and subsequent Accord, Bor, I, 96-98

27 August        Agreement between magistrates and Reformed Protestants at Utrecht, Bor, I, 100-101

27 August        First Agreement between magistrates and Reformed Protestants at Amsterdam, Bor, I, 101

c. September    Local ordinance exempting inhabitants from religious persecution, Bor, I, 99

c. September    Recognition of Reformed Protestants at Tournai, Bor, I, 89-90

 2 September   Recognition of Reformed Protestants at Antwerp, Bor, I, 98-99

30 September  Second Agreement between magistrates and Reformed Protestants at Amsterdam, Bor, I, 103-104

   October?       Advice from a high-ranking 'German' to Reformed Protestant leaders in the Netherlands to adopt Confession of Augsburg, with apt Lutheran texts of 1561, appended. Bor, I, 119-23. 

27 October       Offer of Reformed Protestants and Lutherans to purchase religious freedom from King, Bor, I, 122-24  

October/November Memorandum possibly from William or Orange (or Louis of Nassau) in favour of religious toleration Bor, I, 131-33[7]

Before 20 November  States of Brabant urged Regent to summon States General to propose ways of ending disorder in the country, Bor, I, 125

20 November  Count of Horn justified his conduct at Tournai to King, Bor, I, 111-12; Byvoegsel, 81-

22 November Elector Palatine Frederick III told Regent he advocated religious toleration, Bor, 1, 133-34.

25 November  Terms of Religious Accord for Utrecht signed by William of Orange,[8] Bor, I, 106-07.

14 December   Edict declaring Valenciennes guilty of rebellion, Bor, I, 134-36. 

21 December   Advice from States of Brabant to Regent on ending Protestant field services, Bor I, 126

31 December   States of Brabant urge Regent to summon States General to restore order, Bor, I, 126-27.

Late December Calvinists in Valenciennes justify their conduct to the Golden Fleece, Bor, I, 136-41.[9]


2 January         Dutch Summary of Antonio del Corro.  l'église flamenque d'Anvers,[10] Bor, I, 143-44.

3 -31 January   Regent 's exchanges with States of Brabant, Bor, I, 127-29.

20/25 January  Terms of Agreement reached with Reformed at Leiden, Bor, I, 107-8

27 January        Arenberg's ultimatum on restoration of religious status quo in Friesland to provincial States, Bor, I, 146 

8 February       Nobles' Third & Last Request to Regent, I, 149-150 

16 February     Regent's Reply to Nobles' Third Reqest,  Bor, I, 150-51

20 February     Regent's Articles on restoration of religious status quo in Antwerp, Bor, I, 155

28 February     Alba Commissioned as Captain General to restore order, Bor, I, 182-4

14 March         Second Agreement between Antwerp magistrates and the Reformed, Bor, I, 158

18 March         Edict issued against rebels in `s-Hertogenbosch, Bor, I, 152

March             Documents relating to Reformed in Amsterdam, Bor, I, 162-63

22 March         Antwerp magistrates petitioned Regent for a Pardon, Bor, I, 164

7 April             Regent's response to Petition, Bor, I, 165

13 April           Attestation of William of Orange[11] as to good conduct of Lutheran ministers leaving Antwerp, Bor, I, 166

before 27 April Amsterdam Reformed called on magistrates not to allow soldiers to enter town; magistrates agreed provided field services ceased. Bor, I, 168

24 May            Penalties prescribed for those involved in recent Troubles, Bor, I, 170-71

13 June            Regent instructed authorities to proceed forthwith against those involved in Troubles, Bor, I, 171-2

3 July               Regent asks for prayers for forthcoming visit of King, Bor, I, 172-73

After 3 July     Reformed denounced Regent's letter of 3 July as deceitful, Bor, I, 173-74

18 September Edict forbidding Netherlanders from fleeing abroad, Bor, I, 175-76  

13 October      Alba's Commission as Governor General, Bor, I, 187-8

10 -17 November Accusations made against Count of Horn in Ghent, Bor, I, 190-95

7 December     Conditions imposed by Duke of Cleves on Netherlanders in Wesel, Bor, I, 225


11 January       Horn told of charges laid against him, Bor, I, 190-95

19 January       Summons of William of Orange, Bor, I, 220-21; Byvoegsel, 14-16. 

19 January       Summons of Antoine de Lalaing, Hoogstraten, Bor, I, 221; Byvoegsel, 17-20; 32-33 

3 February       Horn's detailed rebuttal of 43 charges against him, Bor, I, 195-209

16 February     Netherlanders allegedly condemned by Inquisition for high treason, Bor, I, 226

28 February     Lalaing's letter to Alba, Bor, I, Byvoegsel, 38 

28 February     Extracts from the Statues of the Order of the Golden Fleece sent by Horn to Alba, Bor, I, Byvoegsel, 38-42 

3 March           Orange's letter to Alba disputing validity of summons,[12] Bor, I, 222-24; Byvoegsel, 16;

            Summary of Orange's Verantwoordinge, Bor, I, 227-28; for full text see Byvoegsel, 3-14 

????                 Charges laid against mr. Roelant de Rijcke, pensionary of Leuven, Bor, I, 210-11

????                 Justification from Antwerp magistrates for their conduct in 1566-67, Bor, I, 212-16

????                 Justification from Leiden magistrates for their conduct in 1566-67, Bor, I, 217

????                 Hendrik v. Berchem, outer burgomaster of Antwerp, justifies his conduct in 1566-67; Bor, I, 217-19

28 March         Edict against 'de wilde Geusen', Bor, I, 224-25

6 April             Orange gives Commission to Lodewijk van Nassau,[13] Bor, I, 233-34

25 April           Lalaing's Defence [French] Bor I, Byvoegsel, I, 27-32 [Dutch] translation, Bor, I,  Byvoegsel, 32-38  

28 May            Orange condemned to be banished for life, Bor, I, 238

[after 28 May] Residence of Floris van Pallant in Brussels torn down, Bor, I, 248

29 May            Summons issued against inhabitants of Amsterdam, Bor, I, Bycvoegsel, 123-24

4 June              Egmont & Horn sentenced to death for treason, Bor, I, 239

5 June              Egmont asked King for pardon, Bor, I, 240 

15 June            Exchanges between Utrecht clergy and Alba concerning implementation of Tridentine decrees, Bor, I, 231-33

26 June            Edict against concealment or maladministration of estates forfeited to Crown, Bor, I, 242-43

22 July            Alba informed Collateral Councils of his victory at Jemmingen, Bor, I, 245-46

9 August          Jean de Casembroot Srde Backerzele sentenced to death, Bor, I, 247-48

11 August        Antoon van Stralen sentenced to death. Bor, I, 247

17 August        Summons issued against various inhabitants of Utrecht, Bor, I, Byvoegsel, 125-29

24 August        Alba urged signatories to Compromise still in the Netherlands to seek pardon, Bor, I, 248-9

24 August        Capital sentences passed against several inhabitants of Utrecht, Bor I,, Byvoegsel, 119

????                 Bor I 249-51 lists several anti-Spanish and anti-Alba writings from this time. These include Sekere poincten en articulen ... gevonden in de kamer van den President Vergas, I, 249-50[14]13 Articulen, I, 250-51[15]Bewysinge dat er in 't gehel Nederlant geen Papist of Catholijk persoon en is, I, 251[16]Bewysinge dat de Commissie die Duc d'Alba ... by den Paus ...onwettelijk versiert en verleden is, I, 251.[17]

31 August        Orange's justification for Declaring War on Alba, Bor, I, 253-54

1 September    Orange's Waerschouwinge,[18] Bor, I, Byvoegsel, 121-23

????                 Orange's Verklaringe ende Uutschrift,[19] Bor, I, 254-5

September       Jacob van Wesenbeke, De bewijsinge van de onschuldt [of count of Horn,][20] Bor, I, Byvoegsel, 49-79

11 November   Edict against Forbidden Books, Bor, I, 251-53

22 November   Alba informed the Collateral Councils, from Cambrai, that he had seen off Orange's invasion, Bor, I, 257. 

18 December   Summons issued against inhabitants of Amsterdam, Bor, I, Byvoegsel, 124-25


[1569?]            Beggar Song[21] Bor, I, 288.

[1569?]         Alba informed about how States of Friesland were assembled and who is represented, Bor, I, 266-67

[1569?]            Code names for towns and individuals involved in Revolt, Bor, I, 310         

after February Leiden Magistrates protest at violation of their privileges, Bor, I, 267

21 March         Paul V invests Alba with sword[22] for services to Catholic faith, Bor, I, 270-71

21 March         Alba's Address to States General: Tax Proposals, Bor, I, 280-85; objections of States General to the Tenth Penny, Bor, I, 285

17 May            Summons issued against exiles from Groningen, Bor, I, Byvoegsel, 129-31

14 November Alba's Instructions to bishop of Leeuwarden, Bor, I, 264-65

27 December   City and States of Utrecht charged with Treason.[23], Bor, I, 290-309. 


8 February       William of Orange's commission[24] to Sonoy to raise money in Holland and Utrecht, Bor, I, 312

?? May            Edict concerning Printers & Schoolmasters, Bor, I, 313-15

14 July            States of Utrecht condemned to lose their Privileges Bor, I, 318-19

29 July            States of Utrecht appealed against Sentence, Bor, I, 326-28

[16] July          General Pardon, Bor, I, 319-21

10 August        Orange's Commission to De Lumbres,[25] Bor, I, 323-4

10 August        Orange's Instruction to Captains & Crews,(inc. provision for ministers),[26] Bor, I, 324-25

10 August        Orange's Orders to Sea Beggars,[27] Bor, I, 325

October           Partial Dutch translation of Libellus supplex Imperatoriae Maiestatis, Bor, I, 316-18[28]


3 May              Orange's instructions to his Envoys treating with King of Denmark, Bor, I. 334-335[29].  

31 July            Alba's letter to States of Holland about taxation, Bor, I, 343-4

31 July            Alba wrote States of Holland about taxation, Bor, I, 343-44

31 July            Alba issued edict moderation the 10th Penny Bor, I, 344-45

before 10 September. Clergy and Town of Utrecht seek exemption from a garrison Bor, I, 340-42

20 October      Alba's reply to concerns of States of Holland to new taxes, Bor, I, 346-48

28 October      Alba ordered 8 companies of Spanish soldiers to be billeted in Utrecht, Bor, I, 348

10 November  Utrecht magistrates seek exemption from these Spanish soldiers, Bor, I, 348-49

November       Utrecht magistrates again seek exemption, Bor, I, 350

17 November  Alba's reply to Utrecht, Bor, I, 350

November       Clergy and Magistrates of Utrecht petition King on billeting, Bor I, 350-53


18 January       Utrecht magistrates refuse to send town's charters to Brussels, Bor, I, 358-59; 

28 January       Orange's Instructions to Sonoy,[30] Bor, I, 362-63

[28 January]    Called on Netherlanders to rally to his cause[31], Bor, I, 363-65 

After 4 February Utrecht magistrates justify their refusal to surrender their charters, Bor, I, 360

After 4 February Utrecht magistrates protested at removal of charters to Vredenburg, I, 360-61

22 February     Extension of General Pardon, Bor, I, 321-22

24 February     States of Utrecht told King would write Alba about soldiers, Bor, I, 353

6 April             Reasons advanced for defection of Vlissingen to rebels Bor, I, 370

20 April           Orange's commission to Sonoy as his governor of the Noorderwartier, Bor, I, 375[32]

20 April           Orange's instructions for Sonoy as governor,[33] Bor I, 375-76

16 June            D. Guilielmi Nassauii ... Germaniam inferiorem libertatis vindicantis Bor, I, Byvoegsel, 131-35; Bor adds Dutch translation[34] 135-140 

20 June            Orange's Commission & Instruction to Lumey as his governor,[35] Bor, I, 389-92

25 June            Terms on which Dordrecht accepts Orange as governor, Bor, I, 379-80 

26 June            Alba told States of Holland Tenth and Twentieth Penny would be conditionally suspended, Bor, I, 384-85

26 June            King told deputies from Brabant etc that he was prepared to postpone new taxes, Bor, I, 385-86

July                  Orange publishes pamphlets justifying his taking up arms against Alba, Bor, I, 398-99 

15 July             Mr Willem Baerdesen urges Franchois van Bosschuysen to join Orange, Bor, I, 404-406 

19 July            Marnix' address to States of Holland on behalf of Orange, Bor, I, 386-89

6 August          Loyalist Maerten Schetz given commission by Willem van den Berg, Bor, I, 410

8 August          Adriaen van Swieten's Accoord with magistrates of Woerden, Bor, I, 406-07

23 August        Orange's edict against military indiscipline & forbidding attacks on clergy,[36] Bor, I, 399-400

25 August        Orange's Instructions for Government of Holland, [37] Bor, I, 400-01 

7 September    Van Swieten's letter to Company of Maerten Schets denouncing latter as traitor, Bor, I, 411

19 September  Conditions under which Lodewijk van Nassau withdrew from Mons, Bor, I, 408-09

4 October         Alba's justification for plundering of Mechelen, Bor, I, 408-09; Byvoegsel, 140-145.[38]

6 October         Property of all who sided with Orange to be inventoried, Bor, I, 411-12

12 October       States of Holland sent commission to Noorderkwartier to prosecute war with Sonoy, Bor, I, 413-14

6 November    Alba condemned Naarden for rebellion. Bor, I, 419

17 November  Magistrates of Kampen urge Enkhuizen to return to obedience, Bor, I, 415

25 November   Boussu as loyalist stadhouder urges magistrates of Haarlem to abandon their resistance, Bor, I, 416-17 

3 December     Magistrates of Haarlem debate whether or not to resist King's army, Bor, I, 420-21

3 December     Wigbolt Ripperda's Address to Inhabitants of Haarlem. Bor, I, 421

6 December     The loyalist drost of Breda Jerome 't Seraets challenges his accusers to repeat their slanders before Orange, Bor, I, 394-95 


24 January       Orange dismissed Lumey from his post and nullified his commissions,[39] Bor, I, 424

10 February     Alba offered conditional pardon to rebel towns Bor, I, 434

16 February     Loyalists in Amsterdam inform rebel towns of Alba's offer, Bor, I, 434-35

20 February     Lumey, in captivity, defended his conduct as governor, Bor, I, 425-29

?  February      Response of Dutch rebels to Alba's Pardon, Bor I, 475-76[40]

May                Lumey protested about his imprisonment Bor, I,429

15 July            Letter from magistrates of Alkmaar to Sonoy, Bor, I, 444

24 July            Letter from Sonoy and advisers to Orange[41] Bor, I, 446-7

26 July             Alba's urged rebel towns to return to obedience and promising pardon, Bor, I, 445-46. 

27 July            Pardon offered by Alba to inhabitants of Haarlem, Bor, I, 442

9 August          Letter from Orange to Sonoy and his advisers[42] Bor, I, 447-48

18 August        Lumey's defence of his conduct in Holland, Bor, I, 425-29

19 August        Lumey's memorandum forwarded to Orange, Bor, I, 430

23 August        Letter from magistrates of Alkmaar to Sonoy, Bor, I.452

26 August        Letter from Sonoy to magistrates of Alkmaar, Bor, I, 451

? September     Sendbrief in forme van supplicatie aen de Coninklijke Mesjesteit van Spangien van wegen des Princen van Orangien der Staten van Holland en Zeeland [43] Bor, I, 464-72 

12 September  Letter from States of Holland to States General pleading for a united Front against Spaniards[44] Bor, I, 459-64

21 September  Letter from Orange to Sonoy and magistrates of Alkmaar, [45] Bor, I, 454

c. 28 September Extract from letter of Sonoy to Cabeljau in Alkmaar, Bor I, 455

c. 11-12 October Terms on which Boussu surrendered after his defeat on Zuiderzee, Bor, I, 456

19 October      King appoints Requesens as successor of Alba Bor, I, 478

28 October      Letter from Boussu, now a prisoner in Hoorn, to Sonoy, Bor, I, 457

17 November   Letter from loyalist Garbrant Verduyn Garbrantsz. to a burgomaster of Hoorn about peace negotiations, Bor, I, 473

27 November  Orange commissioned Jan de Vos to rally support for him in Antwerp, [46] Bor, I, 483-4 


13 January      Noircarmes on behalf of Requesens issued Pardon to rebels, Bor, I, 485-86

2 March           King put royalist soldiers on alert for invasion by Lodewijk van Nassau, Bor, I, 489

8 March           Royal Pardon, Bor, I, 510-13

12 March         Edict against indiscipline of soldiers in Holland, Bor, I, 493

15 March         Letter from Friesland urging castellan of Medemblik to return to loyalty, Bor, I., 493

5 April             Requesens' letter to stadhouder of Utrecht restoring provincial privileges, Bor, I, 481-82 

25 April           States of Utrecht complained to stadhouder about high costs of maintaining soldiers, Bor 

29 April           Requesens called on inhabitants of Antwerp for money to stave off mutiny, Bor, I, 494-95

30 April           Papal Pardon of Gregory XIII, Bor, I, 513-15

May/June        Proposals from exiles in Rotterdam to contribute to defence of country, Bor, I, 508

6 June              Requesens published General Pardon issued by King 8 March 1574, Bor, I, 510-13

7 June              Duke Erik of Brunswick calls on Enkhuizen and Hoorn to return to obedience, Bor, I, 499. 

Mid-June         Negotiations between Requesens and the States General in Brussels, Bor, I, 516-23

16 June            Acts of the Synod of Dordrecht,[47] Bor, I, 544-48.

17 & 23 June   Letters from Loyalists to people of Leiden, Bor, I, 531-32

[19 June          States of Holland sought to put proposals from Rotterdam exiles into effect Bor, I, 508-10]

c. 23 June        Exchanges between States of Brabant and Requesens, Bor, I, 562-75

c. June             Vriendelijke vermaninge van de Heeren Staten van Brabant etc. Concerning peace talks, Bor.I, Byvoegsel, 145-50​

June-October  Narrative of Second Siege of Leiden, Bor, I, 549-60

3 July              Following Sonoy's request to resign governorship of Noorderkwartier Orange proposed replacing him with Willem van den Berg, [48] Bor I, 571[49]

July-August    Discussions about peace proposals: Champagney, Junius and Marnix Bor, I, 532-36

30 July            Valdez urged Leiden to surrender, Bor, I, 549-50

Mid-August?   'Discours van Johannes Junius de Jonghe op den brief van den heere van Champagney,'[50] Bor I, 536-44. 

Before 31 August Further Exchanges between States of Brabant and Requesens, Bor, I, 565-68

12 August       William of Orange tells Leiden he hopes to relieve town in a week,[51] Bor, I, 550. 

27-29 August  Heated exchanges between Leiden and States of Holland, Bor, I, 551-52 

 August?          Summary of Vriendelijke vermanighe aen de heeren van de states van Brabandt ...[52]Bor, I, 568-70

 Early September Loyalist Johan van Matenesse urged Leiden to surrender, Bor, I, 552

5 September    Loyalist stadhouder of Holland called on Leiden to surrender, Bor, I, 553

September       Objections of Loyalist provinces to Requesens' fiscal demands, Bor, I, 573-83

October           Complaint of Ridderschap of Holland to Orange,[53] Bor, I, 571-72 

October – December Holland and Utrecht harassed by mutinous Spanish soldiers, Bor, I, 583-84

30 October      William of Orange promises to respect privileges of Holland Ridderschap, Bor I, 572[54]

Mid- December Requesens thwarted Orangist conspiracy to seize Antwerp, Bor, I, 585-89

Late December Loyalist governor of Friesland urged towns in West Friesland to abandon revolt, Bor, I, 585


6 January         Founding Charter of University of Leiden, Bor, I, 593-94

12 January       Orange denied Boussu leave to assist in peace talks in Brussels,[55]Bor, I, 592-93

25 January       Orange summons States of Holland and Zeeland about Breda peace talks,[56] Bor, I, 595-96 

5-6 February   Reply of Orange and States of Holland to Maximilian II's representative at peace talks, [57] Bor, I, 596. 

8 February       Inauguration of University of Leiden, Bor, I, 594-95

February?        Reformed exiles from Amsterdam living abroad demanded religious freedom enjoyed elsewhere in Holland to be extended to them, Bor, I, 597

5 March           King's response to Request of Holland and Zeeland for peace talks, Bor, I, 597-98

14 March         King's response to demands of rebel delegation, Bor, I, 598-99

20 March         Response of Orange and rebel delegation to King's reply,[58] Bor, I, 599-602

1 April             Response of loyalist commissioners to rebels' objections, Bor, I, 602-04

6-8 April         Intervention of Maximilian II's envoy to peace talks and Requesens' response, Bor, I, 604-06

April?              Articles objecting to Sonoy's plans to seize Spaarndam, Bor, I, 619

April?              Objections from the Noorderkwartier to Sonoy's strategy, Bor, I, 619

9 May              Measures to defend Noorderwartier against invasion, Bor, I, 620-23

25 May            Sonoy's instructions to schouten in Noorderkwartier in event of invasion, Bor, I, 623

1 June              Resumé of Demands of Orange and rebel delegation, Bor, I, 607-08

16 June            King ordered that henceforth year to begin on 1 January, Bor, I, 644 

18 June            Account from Loyalist Council of State for King of peace talks, Bor, I, 613-14

23 June            Reply of King to this resumé, Bor, I, 608

25 June            Counter reply from Orange and rebel delegation, Bor, I, 609-10

 4 July             Requesens' edict forbidding trade or communications with enemy, Bor I, 615-6

11 July            States of Holland and Zeeland invest Orange with 'high sovereignty'[59] Bor, I, 641-43

14 July            Orange and rebel delegation withdraw from inconclusive talks, Bor, I, 610-12

14 July            Loyalists protest at decision for which they deny responsibility, Bor, I, 612

14 July            Requesens' edict forbidding trade and communications with enemy published, Bor, I, 615-16

2 September    Commentary of States of Brabant on peace talks at Breda, Bor, I, 614-15

4 September    Account of torture applied to Pieter Nannincx,[60] Bor, I, 640-01 

6-30 September          Confession and capital sentence of Nanning Coppensz. Bor, I, 627

November       Requesens asked States of Brabant for loan of 350,000 guilders, Bor, I, 655-56

 6-14 November Exchanges between Sonoy and magistrates of Hoorn over Jan Jeroensz., Bor, I, 630-33

November-December Sonoy sent Sonnenberg to Orange[61] to protest about attitude of Hoorn in case of Jan Jeroensz. Bor, I, 633-34

22 November  Orange orders Sonoy to keep in close touch with him, Bor, I, 654



3 January         Orange appointed a commission to examine case of Jan Jeroensz.[62] Bor, I, 635

14 February     Commission declared readiness to proceed to investigate Jan Jeroensz. Bor, I, 635-6

17 February     Orange orders Sonoy[63] not to investigate Jan Jeroensz. any further, Bor, I, 636

18 March         Elizabeth to Orange and States of Holland & Zeeland.[64] Her response to the offer of sovereignty and her desire for truce, Bor, I, 667.

26 March         Edict debarring foreigners and bastards from holding office in Brabant, Bor, I, 672

16 April           Conditions agreed for the sale of the Haagse Bos,[65] Bor, I, 676-77

25 April           Orange recognised as 'chief and highest authority' in Holland and Zeeland for duration of war: Union of Holland and Zeeland, Bor, I, 668-72. 

25 April           Orange's Declaration on Union,[66] Bor, I, 672-73.

15 November  Request from Jan Jeroensz. to States of Holland, Bor, I, 639-40

24 March         King's instructions for government following death of Requesens, Bor, I. 663

25 April           Council of State urges rebel provinces to make peace with King, Bor, I, 682-3

14 May[67]         Peace of Monsieur, Bor, I, 683-90

29 June            Terms on which Zierikzee surrendered to Mondragon, Bor,I, 680-81

21 July            Orange and English representatives settle dispute, [68] Bor, I, 691-2. 

23 July            Agreement settling dispute between on one hand Orange and Zeeland and, on the other, the Merchants Adventurers,[69] Bor, I, 691-92

26 July            Mutineers condemned as rebels to King and country, Bor, I, 693

Early August   Havré brought King's letter of 24 June[70] to Council of State and reported on his mission to Spain, Bor, I, 704-5

1 August         Intercepted letter from Verdugo in Antwerp to his lieuteant Margelle in Haarlem relating to Spanish mutiny, Bor, I, 711-12 

2 August         Loyalist Council of State condemned mutineers as rebels, Bor, I, 693

3 August         States of Holland call on burgers of Utrecht to join them in opposing Spaniards, Bor, I, 696-97

8 August         Excerpt of provisional agreement settling dispute between Sonoy and magistrates of the Noorderkwartier, Bor, I, 709

21 August       Orange's declaration about dispute between Sonoy and the Noorderkwartier,[71] Bor, I, 710-11

2 September    Orange contacted States of Brabant to congratulate them on condemning mutineers,[72] Bor, I, 694-6

8 September    Roda in Antwerp claimed authority to supersede that of Council of State, Bor, I, 712

14 September  Orange encourages Philippe de Lalaing to maintain his patriotic stance,[73] Bor, I, 696

22 September  Ordinance for the lieutenant-admiral of Zeeland,[74] Bor, I, 705-08

22 September Justification for Arrest of Council of State,[75] Bor, I, 712-14

22 September  Edict issued by Council of State against mutineers, Bor, I, 714

22 September  Orange invited to assist in bringing about departure of Spaniards,[76] Bor, I, 716

23 September Orange agreed to help and not to threaten Catholic clergy,[77] Bor, I, 716-17

23 September  Edict against Freebooters, ostensibly issued by King, Bor, I, 708-09

27 September  Brabant, Flanders and Hainaut negotiate with Orange, Bor, I, 717

 1 October       States General justify their opposition to the Spanish soldiers to Maximilian II, Bor, I, 721-22

3 October        States of Holland call on militias of Utrecht to oppose Spaniards, Bor, I, 698-9

7 October        Orange urged States of Gelderland to throw off Spanish yoke,[78] Bor, I, 701-02

9 October        States of Holland urged States of Gelre to join them in throwing off Spanish yoke, Bor, I, 702-03

20 October      States of Gelre tell Orange[79] they are ready to send representatives to talks, Bor, I, 703  

23 October      Orange urged Hierges to choose side of Revolt,[80] Bor, I, 706-7 

24 October      Dirk van Sypestein encouraged Utrecht militias to resist garrison in Vredenburg, Bor, I, 699-700

29 October      Pact between some German captains and some Spanish mutineers (Roda, Verdugo) to disarm inhabitants in Antwerp, Bor, I, 728

31 October      Utrecht militias assure States of Holland of their hostility to Spaniards but assert their wish to maintain Catholics faith, Bor, I, 706

2-4 November Description of Spanish Fury Bor, I, 729-33

6 November    Roda informed King of what had happened at Antwerp, Bor, I, 737-8.

8 November    Pacification on Ghent, Bor, I, 339-41

? November    Proclamation of Pacification and Re-union of the Netherlands, Bor, I, 741

? November    Remonstrance of States of Brabant to States General about Antwerp's devastation, Bor, I, 733-35

December        Hoorn protested vehemently about treatment of Jan Jeroensz, Bor, I, 534-5

8 December     Oath of Loyalty to King and Orange to be sworn by all those returning to Holland after the Pacification, Bor, I, 741-42. 

13 December   Edict signed by Roda forbidding inhabitants of Antwerp to leave town, Bor, I, 338

18 December   Edict forbidding the removal of plundered goods from Antwerp, Bor, I, 735-37



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