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Dutch Revolt

​Documents relating to the early years of the Revolt of the Netherlands 

cited by François le Petit 1559-1579

Alistair Duke​

François le Petit​, La Grande Chronique … de Hollande, Zélande, West-Frise, Utrecht, Frise, Overyssel & Groeningen jusques à la fin de l'an 1600 (2 vols, Dordrecht, 1601), II [Books 1-11] 1-392 covering the years 1559-1579. 



2-3 April                     Principal terms of Peace of Cateau-Cambrésis, Le Petit, II, p. 19

December                   Persecution of French Protestants,[1] Le Petit, II,p. 20 


11 March                    Orange, Egmont and Horn write to King,[2] Le Petit, II,p. 47

6 June                         King's reply to Orange, Egmont and Horn,[3] Le Petit, II,p. 47

29 July[4]                      Response of Orange, Egmont and Horn to King,[5] Le Petit, II, p. 47



Extract from Francois Baudouin, Discours sur le faict de la reformation de l'Eglise,[6] Le Petit, II,76-89


17-20 October            Extract from King's letters to Regent from Segovia, Le Petit, II, 50

18 December              Regent's letter to Provincial Governors,[7] Le Petit, II, 51


1566                           Plans to convert Low Countries into a monarchy,[8] Le Petit II, p. 90 

1566                           Extract from Vraye Narration,[9] Le Petit, II, 141-160

24 January                  Orange's letter to Regent,[10] Le Petit, II, 51-53

3 February                  Regent's reply to Orange,[11] Le Petit, II, 53

Spring                         Request from Brabant to King re anti-heresy edict, Le Petit, II, 93-101

5 April                        Brederode's speech when he presented the Petition, Le Petit, II, 103

8 April                        Regent's Response to Nobles' Request, Le Petit, II, 105

9 April                        Regent's letter to provincial governors,[12] Le Petit, II, 105-106

July                             Protestants in Low Countries seek protection of Compromise, Le Petit, II, 107

18 July                        Response of Nobles at Duffel to Regent, Le Petit, II, 107-110

July?                           Request of Reformed to Antwerp magistrates for place to hold their                                 services, Le Petit, II, 111

July?                           Clarification for Regent of Responses of Nobles, Le Petit, II, 113-15

21 July                        Regent's Letter to Towns, Le Petit, II, 115-16

1 August                     King's letter to Orange,[13] Le Petit, 126

18 August                   1st Letter from Alava (Paris) to Regent re government of LC, Le Petit, II, 126-28

25 August                   Regent's Letter to Nobles of Compromise, Le Petit, II, 120-21

25 August                   Undertaking given by leading members of Compromise to Regent, Le Petit, II, 121-22.

August?                       Extracts from letters from King to Regent, Le Petit, II, 122-23

August?                       Ministers in Antwerp ask for places to hold their services, Le Petit, II, 124

29 August                   2nd Letter from Alava (Paris) to Regent, Le Petit, II, 128-29



18 January                   Request from Reformed in Amsterdam to Orange,[14] Le Petit, II, 137.


18 January                   Summons issued by King against Orange, Le Petit, II, p. 170-71

16[15] February              Netherlanders allegedly condemned by Inquisition for high treason, Le Petit, II, 174-75

 3 March                      Orange's letter to Alba,[16] Le Petit, II, 173-74

23 March                     Orange's rebuttal of charges, Le Petit, II, 171-73

April                            Orange's Justification, Le Petit, II, 176-91

April?                          Extracts from Hoogstraten's Defence,[17] Le Petit, II, 191-94

28 May                        Floris van Pallant's residence in Brussels torn down[18] Le Petit, II, 176

5 June                          Egmont's letter to the King at his execution, Le Petit, II, 200-01 


9 December                 Request of Princes and Cities of Germany to the Emperor about persecution in the Low Countries,[19] Le Petit, II, 214-18


September?                 Letter from States of West Friesland to Alkmaar, Le Petit, II, 259-60

1 September                Letter of Sonoy to magistrates of Alkmaar, Le Petit, II, 259


23 January                   Requesens' instructions to Julian Romero for relief of Middelburg, Le Petit, II, 272-73

c.3 February                Letter Middelburg urging Requesens to relieve town, Le Petit, II, 275 

18 February                 Terms of Middelburg's surrender to Orange,[20] Le Petit, II, 276-77

July?                            Response of States of Holland to peace proposals, Le Petit, II, 280-81

July?[21]                         Request of States of Holland to King about peace proposals, Le Petit, II, 281-82

Late August                Junius' letter to Champagney, Le Petit, II, 282-3


6 September                States of Brabant invite other provinces to consider how to rid country of Spanish soldiers, Le Petit, II, 311-12

8 November                Pacification of Ghent, Le Petit, II, 318-21


10 January                   Union of Brussels, Le Petit, II, 316

April                            Extracts from letters of Escoveda, Don John and Antonio Pérez, Le Petit, II, 335-337. 

July                             Extracts from letters of Don John with German colonels concerning Don John's schemes to seize control of Antwerp citadel, Le Petit, II, 320-21, 330, 332-33, 337. 

26 July                        Extract from letter of Don John to the son of Adrien d'Oignies Sr de Willerval, Le Petit, II, 333.

 1 August                    Letter of Willem van Bloys van Treslong to Don John, Le Petit, II, 338

Autumn?                     States publish their justification[22] for taking up arms against Don John, Le Petit, II, 340-41  


20 August[23]                 Anjou proclaimed as Defender of Liberties of Low Countries, Le Petit, II, 352

13-15 October             Discussions between States of Hainaut and States of Tournai in Tournai about political situation in southern Netherlands, Le Petit, II, 370-71


23 January                   Union of Utrecht, Le Petit, II, 372-76.

30 March                     Letter of States of Lille, Douai and Orchies to States General, Le Petit, II, 367-8

6 April                         Treaty of Mont-Saint-Eloi, Le Petit, II, 366-67

7 April                         States of Artois, Hainaut and Lille, Douai and Orchies confirm treaty, Le Petit, II, 367

8 April                         Reply of States General to letter of 31 March, Le Petit, II, 369-70

12 September              Treaty of Arras and Reconciliation with King, Le Petit, II, 382-83



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[23] Usually dated as 13 August.​